You can free your body
from the past.

Sharrin Michael provides

Biodynamic Cranial Sacral

Is a gentle and deeply felt hands on manipulation. Together we will unwind the old strain and injury patterns in your body. The central nervous system governs and heals your body. Working deeply within this fluid system allows me to help you establish a more balanced state of health and wholeness. Living by the hormones of stress is what creates disease and causes injury in your body. The loving intelligence that created your body heals the body.


When your thoughts and emotions are out of balance so is your body.  Incoherence is living governed by the stress patterns in your body. Your thoughts create emotions that then become stored in your body. Anger, pain, fear all lower the energy in your body thus creating imbalance in your system. Coherence is when your body ,mind and heart are in balance. The higher frequency of love, joy, and gratitude creates coherency. The more coherent your energy is ,the more balanced and organized your body is.

Structual Integration

Is a system of bodywork that address the layers of connective tissue that are holding the restrictions in your body. The fascia layers become  glued together in strain patterns; by the everyday stress of life, physical injury, emotional and mental stress. Chronic pain and restrictions can be released by working the connective tissues. These layers unwind and become pain free and more fluid, allowing you freedom and movement in your body.